Piñol seeks better solution for agri, economic recovery

Senatorial aspirant Emmanuel Piñol said Tuesday (March 22) that despite all of the Presidential contenders in the May 2022 elections have understood the need to be done to steer the Philippine economy back to recovery after being challenged by the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic, he also wanted them to present an outright solution to the problem.

“I would call that understanding the 4Ws – What, When, Where, Why – to confront the crisis and initiate the recovery. There is, however, a more difficult question which needs to be answered – how,” he said.

The statement came after the presidential candidates answered their position particularly on the agri sector during the debate hosted by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) on March 19.

Most of the presidential candidates underscored that the country needs to strengthen its agriculture sector and fast-track its support to small businesses to hasten economic recovery from the pandemic.

Piñol said they have presented clear support on agriculture, essentially on food production, jobs creation and boost the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) which are basically involved in food processing and value-adding of agricultural products.

“Our prospective leaders possess the realization and awareness of the problem but the ‘how to’ will have to come from people who have a profound understanding of the strategies to achieve the goal of developing agriculture and fisheries or food production and boost the processing and manufacturing sector,” he said.

He said finding the solutions to the country’s problem on agriculture and economic recovery is one of his top priorities.

“Honestly and modesty aside, this is where I could be of help. As a member of the Senate, I could help by introducing legislation and setting policies which would enable agricultural growth which in the process would assure our country of food sufficiency and create jobs,” Piñol assured.

As he accepted the challenge on his senatorial bid, he vowed to seek agricultural reforms that would improve the lives of farmers as well as give food security to the Filipinos.

Piñol who served as Agriculture Secretary from June 30, 2016, to Aug. 5, 2019, and as Chairman of the Mindanao Development Authority from Aug. 5, 2019, to Oct. 5, 2021, also aim to turn the Philippines into a major producer in Agriculture and Fisheries and at the same time create better income and job opportunities for the Filipinos.