Piñol bats for more renewable energy sources

When given a chance on a Senate seat, Senatorial candidate Emmanuel Piñol bared that one of his advocacies is the establishment of renewable energy (RE) source facilities which would make the rural electric cooperatives less dependent on the national power grids.

With the establishment more RE in the country, it will be freed from the dependence on fossil fuel as the main source of power.

“One of the reasons why few investors are coming in the country both foreign and local is due to the unreliable and expensive power supply that we had,” Piñol stressed.

The former Mindanao Development Chair (MinDA) said that his advocacy is linked with another major advocacy which is the National Water Management and Conservation Program that called for the establishment of water catchments, medium-sized and mini-dams which could also be used for hydro-power generation.

During his stint as the MinDA chair, he emphasized the need to increase the power supply to keep up with the possible influx of investments in the island regions.

“The sustainable power facilities especially RE will be necessary to complement the fast-paced development initiatives that are expected to enter the regions in the coming years,” Piñol added.

He cited that the International Energy Consultants Managing Director and lead consultant Dr. John Morris, listed the Philippines as having the second most expensive power rate in Asia behind Japan (P12.31 per kWh); (Philippines (P8.96 per kWh);) Singapore (P8.83 per kWh; Hong Kong (P6.53 per kWh); and Thailand (P6.23 per kWh).

He suggested that other renewable energy sources could either be Solar Power or Wind Turbines which are suited in areas located outside of the power grid, especially in the many islands of the country.

“Government must provide support funds for this program to prepare for the growth of industries in the countryside, especially after the pandemic,” Piñol urged.