Bayanihan Bakunahan inoculates 75.4K Dabawenyos

The Davao City government said 75,476 residents were inoculated with coronavirus disease (Covid-19) vaccines during the conduct of the three-day Bayanihan, Bakunahan National Vaccination Days.

In a radio interview Wednesday, December 1, Dr. Michelle Schlosser, spokesperson of the Davao City Covid-19 Task Force noted that the 47,000 per day target was not achieved despite the pooling of all resources of the city government and the all-out support of other public and private sectors.

Of the total number, 59,807 were inoculated for the first dose, 13, 751 with the second dose, and 1,918 were administered with booster shots.

She also pointed out that some Dabawenyos continue to have “vaccine hesitancy” which contributed to the non-achievement of the vaccination target.

“We cannot eradicate the fact there is still vaccine hesitancy. We encourage people to expand their knowledge regarding vaccination so that we can reach 100 percent herd immunity, this cannot be done without the help and the cooperation of people,” Schlosser stressed.

She added that the success of the vaccination drive boils down to the cooperation of the people.

“We did all the steps that we can do. The local government of Davao gave its support, we also provided logistics and human resources for the vaccination rollout. Some people cooperated alongside councilors and vice mayor’s office and all of the public and private sector. This boils down to the cooperation of people themselves,” Schlosser said. (NW)