Asia Media Gathering for Peace

The Appointment of HWPL Publicity Ambassadors & MOU Signing Ceremony hosted by Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) was held online on January 29, 2022.

 A total of 32 participants joined the event, this included 16 media professionals from Asia and staff members of the Public Relations Department of HWPL.

HWPL is a Korea-based international peace NGO registered under the UN DGC and the UN ECOSOC.

Since 2013, the organization has been committed to various peace activities for world peace and cessation of war.

The 12 branches of HWPL are cooperating with the media from a total of 197 countries. Among them, there are 176 publicity ambassadors from 69 countries, while 23 media from 20 countries have also signed MOU with HWPL (as of December 2021). 

HWPL Publicity Ambassadors are public figures who endeavor to cease wars and make peace through their respective areas so they may leave peace a lasting legacy for the future generations.

In particular, media ambassadors play a role in spreading the news of peace initiatives including the law of peace, religious harmony and peace education and raising public awareness of peace.

Not only do media companies signing MOU with HWPL report news about the initiatives, they also actively collaborate in organizing events.

Alice Kim, General Manager of the Asia Public Relations Department in HWPL, said the purpose of this appointment ceremony was to further expand influence in the spreading of peace culture in Asian countries through the appointment of publicity ambassadors and the signing of MOU.

After collaborating with HWPL for 6 years as a Publicity Ambassador, Piya Ratja Maharjan, President of Track Nepal, presented his insight, “As a part of the publicity ambassadors, serving the public at the front line and bringing peace around the world is our media job. I hope that the newly appointed publicity ambassadors will follow, and we can join hands together and make world peace forever.”

The highlight of the event was the appointment of 15 HWPL Publicity Ambassadors (5 in Indonesia, 2 in Nepal, 8 in the Philippines) and the signing of the Memoranda of Understanding (MOU) with 7 media organizations (2 in Nepal, 4 in the Philippines, 1 in Taiwan). United in one voice, they proclaimed a commitment message, “I, as a peace journalist, will take the lead in delivering more peace news to the civil society. ”

Vinson Concepcion, Information Center Manager of Philippine Information Agency – Bulacan, stated his resolution as a newly appointed HWPL Publicity Ambassador, “Rest assured that I will give all my support, commitment to your advocacy and work together to achieve sustainable peace and inform the people that peace can be attained through the collaboration of sectors especially the media in order to reach more and be part of our family of peace.”     

Rana Setiawan, a journalist of Mina News from Indonesia, shared his vision as a newly appointed HWPL Publicity Ambassador, “The strategic role of media is in creating news that upholds peace to be able to bring changes in people’s behavior in a positive direction and overcome national and global challenges caused by hatred, conflict, misunderstanding and a lack of communication, especially in the midst of this ongoing pandemic and in the future. Together with HWPL, let’s create sustainable world peace.”

In his congratulatory speech, Jeong Hoi Hyeon, Chief Branch Leader of the Southern Seoul and Gyeonggi Branch of HWPL, pleaded with the newly appointed Publicity Ambassadors to join hands in the work of peace, “All the results of our initiatives, namely peace legislation, interfaith harmony and peace education, we are entrusting them to your hands. May you continue to spread the good results of this peace work until the time comes that we have achieved sustainable peace for our future generation.”