1.6-M irrigators back Piñol’s senate bid

DAVAO CITY – The National Confederation of Irrigators Association, (NCIA) Inc. with an estimated 1.6-million farmer-members has pledged its support to senatorial aspirant Emmanuel Piñol.

In a statement, Fernando Cristobal, secretary of NCIA bared that the support is a recognition of Piñol’s role in the implementation of the Free Irrigation Act and the Solar-Powered Irrigation Projects.

According to NCIA, they have witnessed the skill and ability of Piñol and they believed in his aspirations to develop the rice industry and help the farmers with the unfair influx of imported rice and the rising price of farm inputs.

Cristobal added that through Piñol, with the support of President Rodrigo Duterte and former Senator Loren Legarda (also Senator Panfilo Lacson as principal author) will strive hard to implement the Free Irrigation Act.

“We are also aware that Pinol’s aspirations is to further expand the paddy fields that can be irrigated through the Solar-Powered irrigation System,” he said.

Cristobal added that Piñol has the capacity to amend the Rice Tariffication Law which he said that has affected the income of their member farmers.

“As a show of support for Secretary Pinol, we promise that we will personally campaign not only with our members and family, but also with our friends, relatives and workers,” Cristpbal added.